Handmade cakes from Taiwan for your event

Are you looking for a special and delicious catering for your event?

No matter if it's a business event, a birthday party or a wedding:

With the handmade cakes from Long Fong Tarng you offer your guests an original and exquisite catering from Asia - which tastes delicious and fits perfect as a dessert or snack in between.

Asian Cakes and Sweets for your Event, Wedding, Fair

Long Fong Tarng's wide range of products covers numerous flavours:

- Pineapple Cakes (available in 4 different flavours)

- Exquisite Crispy Ball Cakes, filled with a typical taiwanese specialty - the salty egg

- Traditional Cakes, e.g. Taro Cake, Sun Cake or the sweet and salty Curry Cake

- Taiwanese Wedding Cakes, e.g. the Sesame Cake

- Modern Cakes, e.g. Taro-Mochi Cake ("Taro QQ") or the delicious Egg Rolls

- Taiwanese Flips & Sweets: the perfect snack as a side dish or to serve in between your events

Take a look at our products and contact us for more information:

Mail: contact@lft-germany.de

Phone: +49 (0) 521 – 33734655

We look forward to your message and will be happy to make you an individual offer!