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Long Fong Tarng - Germany

Handmade Taiwanese Cakes

Pre-order now for Chinese New Year!

In our Online Asia Shop you can buy the finest traditional cakes and sweets from our bakery in Taipei, Taiwan.

All products are truely handmade with fresh, selected ingredients from Taiwan. This way we can guarantee the authentic and delicious taste.

In addition to popular classics such as pineapple cakes, taro cakes or mochi cakes, you will also find exquisite creations of our own, such as the delicious crispy rolls or the "pumpkin carriage".

Among the traditional cakes, in addition to the sun cake, we also offer mung bean cakes, sachima and many more.

And at the time of the Moon Festival, you can order delicious moon cakes in different flavors from us.

We offer most cakes individually or in beautiful gift boxes, which can be freely configured.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions, we look forward to it!

Long Fong Tarng - Germany

Various Asian cakes from Taiwan | Long Fong Tarng - Germany